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Maternity plates

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Maternity plates

Maternity plates

One of the critical periods of piglets are their first days of life, being decisive for the course of their life and their conversion during the next phases.

Lamapor farrowing plates are the best solution to provide comfort for animals, helping them grow healthy and strong. Additionally, all Lamapor plates seek maximum energy use.

All Lamapor plate alternatives seek to maximize the comfort of piglets during their first weeks of life, this idea being the imperative within all products, while at the same time seeking be a significant reduction in costs associated with heating for the farmer.




For situations of distribution of the plate perpendicular to the aisle or other situations where it cannot be embedded, we have a farroeing plate that is only 22mm thick so as not to be an impediment to movement for the smallest piglets.



Our plates with self-supporting flaps are designed to cover any slat dimension and/or separation between plates so that it generates the same surface with the entire floor.



We manufacture any size plate without flaps that fits the box prepare don the grid of the installation so that everything i son the same surface.

Stainless steel plates

It is the star product of Lamapor. Optimization and maximization of performance of instalation. High termal conductivity to homogenize the temperatura of the plate, maximizing its useful surface. High transmittance to improve contact heat exchange with piglets. Embedded surface to prevent slipping without compromising higiene.

Completely versatile for both births and transitions.

Polymer concrete plates

Polymer concrete plates have lower features tan those of stainless Steel plates.


Electrical plates

Lamapor's electrical system not only allows the most efficient heaters on the market to be used, but also simplifies their installation, maintenance and operability, giving rise to a complete installation at a lower price than that of a hydraulic installation.

This system enables the full integration of Lamapor's most advanced products. Being the point of convergence between the most efficient range of plates, the most advanced automatic regulator and the generation based on renewable energy.

Hydraulic plates

As part of the Lamapor producto catalogue, there are hydraulic plates, which use water as a termal conductive medium.

The use of water as a means of transporting heat has traditionally been in the sector since it combines traditional heat generation and a more tan established médium in the heating sector.

Even without being the best solution for the environment due to its complexity, Lamapor provides, designs, calculates and advises on this type of facility for clients who show interest in this type of project or wish to improve their current facilities.

Lamapor has high-performance plates specifically designed for operation in low-temperature heating systems. The high performance of these plates allow their use with systems based on heat pumps such as:

  • Purothermy
  • Geothermy
  • Aerothermy

Hybrid plates

It is a matter of impementing two heat circuits, one electric and the other hydraulic, in the same heating plate unit.

The initiative on the development of this type of technique on the same plate has its origins in the problems in ehich our current energy market is immersed and which has a decisive impact when it comes to choosing the most suitable fuel to use.

In our field, there are more and more difficulties in which the owners and techniciansof the livestock farms find themselves immersed when deciding on which energy system they should install,so from no won and with this new model of ambivalent termal floor, they will be able to opt easily and a priori for the most interesting energy option of the moment without closing themselves off to other future energy possibilities with which to be able to work.

It must be said that this type of hot plate can work with both circuits alternately or simultaneously both at the same time, which opens up a huge range of energy management possibilities for your farms.

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