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It was more than 40 years ago when LAMAPOR started in this market of pig production heating systems as a national pioneer company.

Manufacturer, but above all as expert, in the world of pig farming, at that time we instilled, and even more in the present day, the confidence necessary to arouse a high degree of loyalty among our customers and collaborators.

Our objective has always been to offer the farmer a heating model that is easily adaptable, economic and of high quality in the department of farrowing and weaning.

However, a few years ago, heating consumption for LAMAPOR was the primary reason for our efforts and our success, contributing decisively to an awareness in the livestock world of an efficient consumption economy.

But not everything finishes here. Becoming aware of the incorrect functioning of numerous heating facilities that coexist in our livestock market, referring to bad distribution and to even worse heating regulation in sheds, rooms and on plates, Lamapor decided that whenever their heating services were requested, they were going to offer a new service of Operating Guarantee as well as a new concept of its regulation to optimise on consumption.

So, in short, we can say that in terms of saving, efficiency and heating quality, the expertise of LAMAPOR is always at your service.

Lamapor Lamapor

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