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  • Efficient comfort

    We are pioneers and specialists in efficient thermal floors applied to pig farming.

Welcome to Lamapor

More than 40 years ago, LAMAPOR broke into the pig livestock heating market and did so as a pioneer company at that time on a national level. Right now, our product is already present in more than 35 countries and in practically all the large national companies.

Its objective has always been to offer the farmer an economical, easily adaptable, efficient and above all, equality heating model.

Currently, we have acquired a special role because the energy circumstances that punish our sector even require highly efficient heating systems, which is why from this page we will try to offer the best possible heating service to our farmers.

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Global presence



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Global presence

Energy efficiency

The term EFFICIENCY will probably be in recent times the most treated energy concept in all sectors of our current society since we already consider all of them synonymous with savings and sustainability. If we break it down into specific terms typical of pig heating, it is based on four fundamental pillars: Energy source, its transport to the point of emission, the point of emission itself and its control. A bad choice in any of them takes us away from the equation.

We are prepared for any challenge

Nuevas explotaciones

Nuevas explotaciones

If you have an extension or a new exploitation project, Lamapor offers you the most efficient heating proposal according to the chosen energy system.

  • Thermal floor in stainless steel:


            ºHigh performance


            ºAdapted etc

  • Intelligent control
  • Study, calculation and technical support necessary for the execution of the installation.

Reacondicionamiento de instalaciones

Reacondicionamiento de instalaciones
If you need to carry out heating reforms on your farm, Lamapor offers you a free service itinerary.
  • Evaluation via telephone and/or face-to-face, of the most viable possibilities for its reform.
  • Economical offer
  • Technical support

Evolution and adaptation

We currently have an electric plate model developed to carry out individualized heating control by litter in farrowing rooms, and by lines in transition/weaning rooms.

As a result of the current volatile energy market and the choice of the heating energy system for our farmers is difficult, Lamapor has evolved a HYBRID plate unit, with two heat circuits, one electric and the other hydraulic with which we can work well in separately or simultaneously.

For hydraulic installations, based on the heat pump, where the COP (Coefficient of Performance) indicator is decisive, we have a high-performance thermal floor called AR (High Performance) that increases said index and therefore improves ROI ( Return of investment)

The new animal welfare regulations for loose sows in maternity wards obliges us to readapt the distribution of the elements in the delivery room. This brings with it changes in the resting area for the piglets, which is why Lamapor has designed a new model of TRAPEZIAL heating plate to adjust to all designs.



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The answers to the most frequent queries regarding Lamapor are offered below. If you can't find what you're looking for, ask your own question.

How have your products been made?

LAMAPOR products are made manually. Which guarantees greater durability and reliability at the time of its operation.

Do you use quality materials?

We belive that a Good producto requires a godd raw material, for this reason our products are made with high quality materials. For stainless Steel that complies with the AISI 304 standard. This Steel is considered the most versatile and is widely used of the austenitic stainless steels. It is made up of the best quality refractory concrete. In the same way, polymer concrete slabs also share the same quality requirement.

What dimensions do they have?

We have plates and lines of varied dimensions. However, custom products can be made.

How does your product or service work?

Our plates and lines can be electric, hydraulic or even hybrid. The electric ones work by means o fan electrical resistance, which, when a current passes, heats up, heating the plate. The hydraulic plates have a coil through which hot water will pass and warm the plate. Hybrid plates have the best of both types of plates.

Does your product have a guarantee?

Our products have a 5 year performance guarantee against any manufacturing defect.

What benefits does this item have?

These ítems have proven to be highly energy efficient since it is possible to keep the animal at the desired temperature with a lower consumption than conventional plates. This translates into savings for the Farmer and, therefore, greater profitability.

How long will I have your product?

If the product that is requested is of standard dimensions, the product would be prepared for shipment immediately, on the other hand, if the dimensions are not standard, it would be necessary to consult.

What are the delivery times?

Once the product is finished, it will be shipped. If the destination is national, it will arrive in approximately less than a week. If the shipment is international, the transport time will be longer and it will remain to be determined.

How can I contact you?

To contact us you can send us an email to or call (+34) 948576056, you can also visit our website whenever you want:

¿Cómo se han fabricado tus productos?

We are located in the Sarrarte (no number) industrial estate, in Lakuntza, Navarra.

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